Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Moleskine: Decemeber 14-18

yeah she's smoking. ew. see if you smoke, you'll end up with a nose like michael jackson. i should really fix her nose. meh.

I absolutely love those cozy winter hats with the ear cover thingies! I also adore scarves. For Art Day with my best friend, Sophia, and Cliff, I painted the 121506 sketch because I couldn't think of anything else to paint heh. As for the 121606 sketch, that's a gorilla named Stan. Mykel suggested that I should draw him... so I did.

Hurray for the boy who thinks he's so super. For the 121806 sketch, no comment really. I started off with the girl on the right with the scarf connecting to the boy. I don't know where the tree and the other heads came from. I don't like it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Moleskine: December 11-13

99 Not All Red Balloons. There's really 99 balloons drawn... unless I can't count. heh. When I started inking this and coloring it, something odd happened and my inking just sucked like no other. Also, I've decided I should go back to kindergarten or preschool to learn how to color within the lines again.

Hello Astronaut!
I drew this while watching She's All That... so the girl's hair is kinda like Rachael Leigh Cook's hair when she was in that movie. Hurray for fun colored eye makeup!

I hope you guys are enjoying these :D

Monday, December 11, 2006

My Moleskine: December 09 -11

This was done when I was in Sacramento. Super cold. Super rainy. Nice nevertheless.

Planned out on our 6.5 hrs drive back from NorCal. Inspired by the song "PandaPandaPanda" by Deerhoof. As simple as that.

Drawn after coming home from a 30 minute walk back from Metro Pointe because my brother and I got into a fight and I had to pick up job applications... and basically he ditched me so I had to walk home. hurray.

I'm thinking of going back and inking the first two. Maybe.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

My Moleskine: The Beginning

I finally am in possession of a Moleskine sketchbook (well two Moleskine sketchbooks -- a pocket sized one and a large sized one). My dearest kindly purchased them for me. Hurray. The plan was on the drive up with the family to Sacramento, I would complete the two pages that I owe Gabo.

This--I suppose--will be my Moleskine blog, where I will post scans of my pages. Also, this may be my sketch blog as well, which I was inspired by Mykel's SketchBlog. I hope I can keep up with this blog/project, unlike the secret project that I put off for so long. Since it's now Winter Break for me, I'm sure that I will have plenty of time (3 weeks) to draw and do art things.